"Elbert "Big Man" Howard is one of the original founding members of the Black Panther Party. Big Man was a Black Panther from 1966 to 1974. During that time he served as Deputy Minister of Information and was a member of the Central Committee and the International Solidarity Committee.

As the Black Panther Party grew in numbers, their programs grew in depth, “Big Man” Howard held several positions and worked on many projects. “Big Man” Howard himself was responsible for a free medical clinic for sickle-cell anemia and a work-study program for parolees at the college. The Black Panther Party also created a free-breakfast program, piqued by poor children’s inability to succeed in school due to malnourishment. This latter operation has actually been the unstated model for generations of government-run breakfast programs.

In efforts to appeal to the community and voice their cause, the Black Panthers decided to found a weekly newspaper—and looked for an editor. “Big Man” Howard was the first editor of the Black Panther Party newspaper and Party international spokesperson. As a Black Panther Party spokesman, he traveled and lectured on the conditions and treatment of African-Americans and other minorities in America. “Big Man” Howard helped build Solidarity Committees in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

As the first editor of the Black Panther’s newspaper, “Big Man” Howard, help building its circulation to 200,000 copies per week. “Big Man” Howard traveled the world as the Black Panther’s deputy minister of information and international and established a community medical clinic and an educational program for ex-offenders at Merritt College.”

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(Emperor) Mansa Munsa (Musa I of Mali) 

Musa I  was the tenth Mansa, which translates as “King of Kings” or “Emperor”, of the wealthy Mali Empire. At the time of Musa’s rise to the throne, the Malian Empire consisted of territory formerly belonging to the Ghana Empire and Melle (Mali) and immediate surrounding areas. Musa held many titles, including Emir of Melle, Lord of the Mines of Wangara, Conqueror of Ghanata etc.

 In 1312 Musa became emperor following the death of his predecessor, Abu-Bakr II.  When he was crowned, he was given the name Mansa .  Mansa Musa was knowledgeable in Arabic and was described as a Muslim traditionalist.  He became the first Muslim ruler in West Africa to make the nearly four thousand mile journey to Mecca.  Preparing for the expedition took years and involved the work of artisans in numerous towns and cities across Mali.  In 1324 Musa began his pilgrimage with a entourage of thousands of escorts.  He also brought considerable amounts of gold, some of which was distributed along the journey. 

Accompanied by thousands of richly dressed servants and supporters Musa made generous donations to the poor and to charitable organizations as well as the rulers of the lands his entourage crossed. On his stop in Cairo, Egypt, the Emperor gave out so much gold that he generated a brief decline in its value. Cairo’s gold market recovered over a decade later.  His elaborate pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca in 1324 introduced him to rulers in the Middle East and in Europe. 

Upon his return from Mecca, Mansa Musa brought Arab scholars, government bureaucrats, and architects.  Among those who returned with him was the architect Ishaq El Teudjin who introduced advanced building techniques to Mali.  He designed numerous buildings for the Emperor including a new palace named Madagou, the mosque at Gao, the second largest city in Mali, and the still-standing great mosque at Timbuktu, the largest city in the empire. That mosque was named the Djinguereber. El Teudjin’s most famous design was the Emperor’s chamber at the Malian capital of Niani.

 His leadership of Mali, a state which stretched across two thousand miles from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Chad, ensured decades of peace and prosperity in Western Africa. 

(Mansa Musa was named he richest person in all history. With an inflation adjusted fortune of $400 billion, Mansa Musa I would have been considerably richer than the world’s current richest man, Carlos Slim, who ranks in 22nd place with a relatively paltry $68 billion. The list, compiled by the Celebrity Net Worth website, ranks the world’s 24 richest people of all time.)

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Aminata, School exam work, Gaye Njorro School of Hairdressing and Beauty Cosmetology, the Gambia. Photo Valeria Herklotz.


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DIY Aluminium Calligraphy Pen




You’ll need tape, scissors, knife, disposable chopsticks, empty aluminium can, stapler and ink.


Calligraphy Pen for Gothic: cut the aluminium into two pieces like above and tape it on chopstick, then Staple the aluminium.


Medium Point Calligraphy Pen: Fold a piece of aluminim, and cut it like picture above. Then tape it on chopstick.


Fine Point Calligraphy Pen: Fold a piece of aluminim, and cut it like picture above. Then tape it on chopstick.

Now enjoy it :)

image image image

image image

Turning straw into pen.

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Ancient Folk tales from Southern Nigeria


West African wisdom stories and animal fables.

1. The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter
2. How a Hunter obtained Money from his Friends the Leopard, Goat, Bush Cat, and Cock, and how he got out of repaying them
3. The Woman with two Skins.
4. The King’s Magic Drum
5. Ituen and the…

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Linguist List - Languages of Africa

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This “Can We Guess Who You Are in 20 Questions” thing is bullshit. 


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emergencies and support


housing, etc

clothing and appearance


communication and relationships


film, literature, zines, art, and music

we’ll update this list as needed. let us know if you have questions or comments!

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Floyd Norman, first African-American artist at Disney, 1958.

Floyd E. Norman is an American animator who worked on the Walt Disney animated features Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, andThe Jungle Book, along with various animated short projects at Disney in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

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Normally I dont do things like this but this Queen is on point and her tumblr is worth checking out

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Free PDF Books on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture


Found from various places online:

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

Angela Y. Davis - Are Prisons Obsolete?

Angela Y. Davis - Race, Women, and Class

The Communist Manifesto - Marx and Engels

Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde

Three Guineas by…

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African Tribes – Tribes of Africa – African Tribal Names

This list includes over 7400 tribal names from Africa. It was compiled from various resources which include accounts left by early explorers - missionaries and scholars, who themselves wrote in a number of different languages. For this reason, there are variants to tribal names - many of which have changed over time. The list is by no means complete and there are certainly errors, but we hope you find it useful. Use your browser to search a word, or scroll down.

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